I genuinely couldn’t recommend Martin Tracey enough! He is such a talented writer, with the ability to write in a wide variety of styles and genres. As a co-biographer of the Fuzzbox book, I have found him to be efficient, reliable, creative, and always respectful of us as the artist. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and strikes the perfect balance of being professional and productive as well as having fun. I plan to work with Martin on other projects in the future too. A pair of safe hands – a BOSTIN bloke all round!

ViX Perks (Singer/Songwriter of FUZZBOX and HAPPiLIFE Music & Wellbeing Coach)

Martin Tracey is the Egg Man of an author… he IS the walrus (not Paul) and when he goo goo g’joob’s people notice.

In all seriousness, Martin in a top author, and an all around top bloke.

God bless him and all who sail in him.

DE McCluskey (Author)

Compelling, gritty, page-turning… Martin Tracey’s storytelling is original, dark and compulsive. Flawed Characters, urban landscapes and fast-moving plots create noir storylines that twist and turn, with edge and bite all the way. Add a touch of the paranormal, and it’s a truly addictive combination that will keep you hooked. Detective Judd Stone is thrown into an ever darker underworld that’s violent and shocking, allowing Martin to prod society’s underbelly, revealing the deep, dark happenings that could – just possibly – be actually occurring beneath our noses.  Why fight the addiction? Read one book and you have to read more…

Pat Spence (Novelist, Poet, Freelance Copywriter)

I’m currently working on two different projects with Martin, a book and a film. Martin is an absolute delight to work with, undeniably he is a hugely skilled and gifted writer but also an incredibly intelligent, charming and diligent man. I feel really comfortable and confident working with him as I know I can rely on him to do everything he sets out to accomplish. I love his quick thinking and his clever ideas and the incredible energy he puts into everything he is involved with, however big or small. We have had several meetings with different people re the projects and Martin is a pleasure to be with on these occasions. His people skills and upbeat nature plus his spontaneity and ability to think out of the box are brilliant! I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is considering working with him and it will be both a pleasure and a joy to continue working with him on future projects! Thanks Martin!

Maggie K De Monde (Singer/Songwriter)

Martin Tracey is clearly passionate about writing, football and music – and when he combines any or all of these elements, his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm simply shines. If you like your thrillers to be gritty, thought-provoking, and interwoven with supernatural elements, Tracey’s got it covered!

R.H.Dixon (Horror and Supernatural Mystery Author)