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Songwriter-Musician turned Author (and Film Maker). Writing dark fiction that strikes a chord. Crafting the sound track to non-fiction.

Martin Tracey is a multi-functional author of both fiction and non-fiction spanning topics as diverse as conspiracy theories, crime, football, music, memoirs, thrillers and the paranormal. This can never be an exhaustive list, Martin is a versatile writer and does not wish to be restricted to one specific genre. Besides, his wild imagination would never allow it! In general terms, his fiction pushes the boundaries of reality and his non-fiction showcases the fascinating stories of other inspirators. As a proud Brummie his working-class roots are reflected in the edginess and honesty of his writing…and since 2023 his film making!

Martin’s first taste of literary success was as a very young boy. His primary school entered two of Martin’s stories into separate competitions – scooping top prize in both! As well as playing about with words, Martin developed a deep love for music and football pretty much from the cot. He was brought up on Elvis, discovered an obsessive passion for The Beatles all by himself and somewhat equalled his love of the Fab Four with Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Once he realised that he wouldn’t cut it as a professional footballer, music became the dominant career path and initially his love for writing materialised through his passion for writing songs. Regardless of his working-class upbringing, Martin’s parents funded classical piano lessons from a tender age after Mom was donated a piano by someone she worked for. Martin went on to form various bands on the Birmingham music scene which spawned a live TV appearance from the NEC (Naked Touch), finalists in “Battle of the Bands” (Sharp) and a string of radio interviews (No-one is Two!, Entity Fair). Martin is the songwriter and co-performer of ‘Raging Bull’ which can be found on the album Old Gold Anthems – the songs of Wolves (available on Amazon, Spotify & more), thus demonstrating his love for the club that he should commit to song a tribute to their most successful goal-scorer. ‘Raging Bull’ is performed by The Southbank Two (formerly No-one is Two!) who were in fact the song-writing duo of Martin Tracey and Gary Brown. Intelligently produced with the able assistance of Gavin Monaghan at Wolverhampton’s Magic Garden Studios, their music courted interest from RAK Records amongst others. A bonafide contract was signed with Cherry Red Records for ‘Raging Bull’. Later, performing in a different duo, Martin went on to co-found Entity Fair with singer/songwriter Scott Stackhouse and Martin’s song ‘Saturn Rising’ won a competition on BBC Radio WM, winning an incredible 40% of the public vote, resulting in this song-writing duo supporting Roland Gift and the Fine Young Cannibals at Birmingham’s Alexander Theatre.

Song-writing is never something Martin could dismiss completely, all songwriters will tell you that it is impossible to ignore those creative urges, but his passion for writing has evolved to writing novels of chilling suspense and film scripts that bring to life many a topic, exercising that active brain of his that is ‘wired’ a little differently to most!

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“Books, films, projects? I prefer not to hold back on creativity. I don’t so much have fingers in pies, rather, I tend to dive into many a beer barrel head-first!”

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