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Martin Tracey, is an author who likes to push the boundaries of reality.

The terror that grips you in his work is very real.

He has a passion for The Beatles & Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. Both music and football often find their way into his stories, as do elements of the paranormal – a topic which has always fascinated Martin.

A proud native of Birmingham, Martin tends to set his books in and around his home city or other English settings. His working-class roots are reflected in the edginess and honesty of his writing enabling the reader to connect with his gripping stories.

Although specialising in tales of chilling suspense and Dark Fiction, Martin is a versatile writer and does not necessarily wish to be restricted to one specific genre. He keeps an open mind about tackling almost any subject providing there is a good tale to tell. For example, 'Crime' has also featured prominently in the popular Judd Stone series.

Martin promises the release of additional novels so watch this space for updates. Or why not connect with Martin on social media?

Does Martin look or sound familiar? Martin loves to engage with his community and his readers. Here are just some of the events where he has featured: Waterstone’s and Library book-signings, Beer and Books at The Gunmakers Arms and various ‘Meet the Author’ events across the UK, including Liverpool home of his beloved Beatles. Or you may have heard his Brummie accent on various BBC WM radio shows. Keep a look out for other events where Martin will be appearing.

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